So you think you know After Effects? Take our quiz below to find out!

There are 10 questions, each pulled randomly from our growing database of questions sourced from all across the web.

Good Luck

1) What is a Null Object?
2) When a layer is selected, pressing enter will...
3) How do you change the shutter angle of motion blur in a composition?
4) Which of these is NOT a blend mode?
5) True or False: A mask drawn on a layer can be locked, and the layer can be moved separately.
6) True of False: Trimming a still image layer simply changes the length of time the image displays in the composition, without affecting the displayed portion of the image.
7) Match the definition with the term below:

Process that is useful for creating slow motion, fast motion, freeze frame, or other retiming results.
8) Which channel contains transparency information?
9) Which of the following is not a type of mask and cannot be drawn?
10) What is the name of the popular software company that authored the plugin, Magic Bullet Looks?

How do you think you did??

**PC Users, substitute Command for Control, and Option for ALT key.**


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