So you think you know After Effects? Take our quiz below to find out!

There are 10 questions, each pulled randomly from our growing database of questions sourced from all across the web.

Good Luck

1) What is a Null Object?
2) The action that creates relationships between layer properties is known as...
3) How do you change the shutter angle of motion blur in a composition?
4) How do you import a custom After Effects Script?
5) What is the name of the popular software company that authored the plugin, Magic Bullet Looks?
6) When a layer is selected, pressing enter will...
7) What is the keyboard shortcut to activate and cycle through mask and shape tools?
8) How do you reset the Anchor Point of a layer?
9) What is the keyboard shortcut for changing a layer's opacity while selected?
10) Pressing caps lock will do what?

How do you think you did??

**PC Users, substitute Command for Control, and Option for ALT key.**


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