So you think you know After Effects? Take our quiz below to find out!

There are 10 questions, each pulled randomly from our growing database of questions sourced from all across the web.

Good Luck

1) What is the keyboard shortcut to edit the composition settings?
2) Of the following below, which is the correct definition of the term ‘ease in’?
3) Which of these is not an audio effect and must be applied to a video layer?
4) What is the name of the popular software company that authored the plugin, Optical Flares?
5) True or False: The brush tool can only be used in the layer panel.
6) True of False: You can create a Cinema 4D project with the newest version of After Effects.
7) Which of the following layers will be used for applying an effect to many layers at once?
8) Which of these is NOT a blend mode?
9) True or False: After Effects is part of the NLE ( Non Linear Editing) Family.
10) In what year was After Effects acquired by Adobe Systems?

How do you think you did??

**PC Users, substitute Command for Control, and Option for ALT key.**


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