Create This Pop Out 3D Instagram Effect Using After Effects

Tutorial by: Josh Olufemii and Herman Huang aka @coffeelicker These guys are just fantastic. They are taking the free motion […]

Track Objects In Your Hand Using After Effects And Element 3D

Tutorial by: NPS 3D™ We have several tutorials from NPS, and he has shown he is the best Element 3D […]

Learn How To Model And Animate A Chicken and Blue Jay In Cinema 4D

Tutorial by: DLGNCE For your quirkiest projects that require some character finesse, look no further than DLGNCE design, who have […]

Create This UFO Effect In After Effects And Element 3D

Tutorial by: VFX Studio Koliba From the instructor: In this tutorial I will show you how to add 3D UFO […]

Create These Abstract Dancing Pyramids In Cinema 4D And Octane

Tutorial by: Nikolaus Schatz One of our favorite Cinema 4D instructors is back with another amazing tutorial. This time, Nikolaus […]

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