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Create Dynamic Strokes And Reveals Using Expressions And AutoFill

Tutorial by: NoSleepCreative Creating complex stroke animations can be difficult especially when dealing with small thin lines and complex structures. […]

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Create This Light Scanner Effect Without Plugins In After Effects

Tutorial by: Michael Ponch These amazing laser light beams give off a futuristic light scanner look that can add some […]

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Create 2 Futuristic Tracking Effects Using After Effects

Tutorial by: VFX Maria and Josh Olufemii You are in for a treat with these two amazing tutorials. All brought […]

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Create This Glossy Glass Animation Using Cinema 4D And Redshift

Tutorial by: The Rook’s Nest Inspired by the MS Office 365 Film below which was created by the studio Tendril, […]

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Composite And Track Thor’s Hammer In After Effects And Element 3D

Tutorial by: vision v VFX Known on Youtube for his amazing short vfx films, Vision brings some of his learnings […]

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Create This Running Man Animation Using Cinema 4D and After Effects

Tutorial by: New Plastic Wow we are in for a treat. New plastic is new to the tutorial scene, but […]

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Create Stunning Crystals Using Cinema 4D And Redshift

Tutorial by: TFMSTYLE We’ve seen these stunning crystal animations that are really beautiful and wondered how they were made. Well, […]

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Create This Abstract Face Collage Effect In After Effects

Tutorial by: Max Novak Kicking off the new year, we bring you this great gem from Max Novak, who is […]

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Top Motion Design Trends To Look For In 2021

Motion design has become quite useful in the advertising, marketing, and social media industry. It fuels business promotions to represent […]

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Animate 5 Iconic Logos Using After Effects

Tutorial by: Broken Logo animations is a common ask in the motion design world. Learn how to create these smooth […]

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Create This Face Melting Effect Using Photoshop And After Effects

Tutorial by: Domestika We are approaching a time where designers are paving the visual future of tomorrow. Look no further […]

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