Animate A Realistic 3D Dragon Using Cinema 4D And After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | July 23, 2020

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Tutorial by: Ignace Aleya

Ignace Aleya, shows us how to create this incredibly realistic Dragon animation. One of the most talented After Effects tutorial artists out there, he shows us how to use advanced tracking and compositing techniques! This tutorial goes into detail on how to fines the Cinema 4D and After Effects workflow and is advanced, and requires a model download, but Ignace has also provided the project files to download!

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From the instructor:

In this video, we'll dive into Cinema 4D to import, animate, texture, and export our dragon to After Effects to seamlessly integrate it into our scene. I've got some tips & tricks ready for you to achieve great results, quickly.

Download Project Files

Download Dragon Model - $899+





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