Botanical Repair – 3D Breakdown Using Redshift And Cinema 4D

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Tutorial by: Joey Camacho and Cinema 4D by Maxon

In this stunning breakdown, you will find an in-depth look at this complex hair animation from the brilliant mind of Joey C. He also goes into detail on creating the explosion effect.You will learn a great deal of techniques here that will help elevate your 3D animation skills. Thank you Joey for you constant contribution to the motion graphics community! You can follow Joey on Instagram here.

From the instructor:

Breaking Down Botanical Repair

Raw & Rendered is Joey Camacho – a Canadian graphic designer creating thoughtful, conceptual designs and animations for brands around the world. Joey is also the co-founder and creative director at AvantForm, a curated licensing platform dedicated to providing advanced CGI artists the most empowering and flexible way to license their work.

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