Combine Stop Motion and 3D With After Effects And Blender

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | June 29, 2020

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Tutorial by: Stefano Milani

Stefano Milani shows us how to combine 3D Elements to Stop Motion animations! He will be using Blender, which is a free 3D program that has been taking off, but the same technique can be used with any 3D program. Stefano is extremely talented, so be sure to support him on Instagram and check out his full Stop Motion film below.

From the instructor:

How to insert a CGI element (Pac-man) into a Stop Motion real footage? In this Tutorial I will show you how I made my latest stop motion video that you can watch below. Although this is not intended as a "step by step" tutorial, I assume that you have the basic knowledge of 3D software Blender and compositing in After Effects. 



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