Create Dynamic Strokes And Reveals Using Expressions And AutoFill

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | January 14, 2021

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Tutorial by: NoSleepCreative

Creating complex stroke animations can be difficult especially when dealing with small thin lines and complex structures. These techniques are usually done manually, and can take a ton of time. We found two great tutorials that explain two different ways you can make this process way easier. The first and featured above, is from Desmond Du of NoSleepCreative. He has an amazing instagram with tons of content. This tutorial is fascinating, and super underrated, as it show you how to create complex stroke animations using nothing but expressions!

The second tutorial below is for a new plugin called AutoFill, that allows you to create complex stroke reveal animations without alot of work. Be sure to check out both tutorials and add these great effects to help speed up your after effects workflow!

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From the instructor:

Build a cyberpunk-inspired tech growing lines with shape layers and createPath expression. Alas, we have reached the last tutorial for the year, it's been a blast! I counted about 43 video tutorials made this year, and I am thrilled with my progress so far. When I first started out this year, my goal was to reach 1000 subscribers by the end of the year but who would have thought I exceeded by having about 3900 subscribers! I vividly recalled getting my first 100 subscribers was the slowest process ever and took about 3 months 😅 but right now I'm steadily growing and that is motivating me to make even more and better tutorials! I will continue to share my knowledge with everyone next year because teaching brings joy and I hope I can make your life better with what I know.

Tutorial 2: Getting Started With AutoFill

Tutorial by: Plugin Everything

From the instructor:

We are here today to announce the amazing AutoFill, coming soon to aescripts, AutoFill is an intelligent write-on and reveal plugin that follows your lines and layers perfectly. No more Keyframes, and thousands of masks, it is time for one simple drag-and-drop tool with 25 built-in presets! What are you waiting for, get your fill of AutoFill!

Download AutoFill ($49)




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