Create Realistic 3D Frost In Cinema 4D

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Tutorial by: Daniel Danielsson

Daniel Danielsson does it again in this amazing ( but very advanced) tutorial! This time he shows us how to create this realistic growing frost on top of some 3D text. This is an advanced C4D tutorial using X-Particles and the Arnold render. Thank you Daniel for offering this amazing tutorial up for free!

From the instructor:

How about we simulate some self-propelling procedural growing frost with X-Particles in Cinema 4D? We use the branch modifier to, well, branch the frost out, set some parameters and let it grow on it's own. Then we render it in Arnold or Standard Renderer, I'll show both. The beauty of this technique is that it works on pretty much any object. From Bunnies to Buddhas. I'm using X-Particles 3.0 in this tutorial. 00:38 Emitting X-Particles 01:08 Adding X-Particles Trail 01:20 Using the xpFollowSurface to make particles follow the surface 01:51 The Science of Frost 02:00 Using the xpBranch to branch the frost out 03:00 Adding sub-Branches 07:37 Rendering the frost using X-Particles Trail with Arnold 08:09 Shading the frost 09:04 Rendering the frost with Standard Renderer 09:17 Adding the frost to anything from Bunnies to Buddhas.

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