Follow The Camera Through Breaking Glass In After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | May 23, 2020


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Tutorial by: Steve Ramsden - Unexplored Films

This is one of the best tutorials of the year. Steve Ramsden from Unexplored Films is bringing us some amazing knowledge. This seamless action movie transition is something quite amazing, and totally worth a follow and subscribe. Be sure to show some support to Steve!

From the Instructor:

Here's another trick video effect you can try at home - smashing through a window and falling out of the building, all in one take! This is a style of shot often seen in Hollywood action films, including A Good Day To Die Hard, Quantum of Solace and Fast & Furious 7, where a character will jump out a window or fall off a ledge and the camera tilts over the edge so see where they fall or land. Made using both practical and digital elements (from Video Copilot's action essentials), and some creative compositing in Adobe After Effects.





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