Learn How To Create Fun Doodles On Any Footage

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | February 25, 2018


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Tutorial By: ArmaganVideos

If you've seen any of the viral videos on youtube, then you know everything is better with doodles!

Armagan Videos shows us how to create and add doodles to any footage!

From the Instructor:
In this tutorial we are bringing real life objects to life by animating funny, little doodles on them. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to create these doodles/characters and animate/track them into your own footage. I hope you enjoy this tutorial, ArmaganVideos.
WEBSITE FOR ORDERS (logos, motion graphics, etc.): ► http://www.armaganvideos.com/ OUR 5-HOUR UDEMY COURSE ABOUT FLAT DESIGN: ► https://www.udemy.com/flat-design-one...




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