Create Complex Maps Using After Effects And Geo Layers

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | June 10, 2021

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Tutorial by:  aescripts + aeplugins

We are extremely impressed with this plugin! Geolayers, is not new, but has recently been updated to version 3 and now provides new extensive features. In some cases, it is essential to render realistic maps to help generate a specific look for your animation. Geolayers is a great solution, because it provides realtime maps from different sources. We did find the plugin rather expensive, but if you create these kind of maps regularly or are in a bind, this plugin can really help you out. Be sure to subscribe to aescrips + aeplugins to get more amazing free tutorials and content!

Download Geolayers

From the instructor:

GEOlayers 3 lets you design and animate maps directly in After Effects.

It renders custom maps for you from different online data sources. It also provides direct access to extensive databases of geospatial features of the world. You can easily draw buildings to After Effects shape layers, highlight country borders, streets, lakes, rivers, places, regions, animate driving routes, and extrude buildings. Anything in the world that has geodata can be integrated as an editable asset in After Effects.

GEOlayers 3 comes with a large set of default map styles. But that's not all. One-click lets you create a style from the colors of a composition, an image or Adobe Swatch file. You can also retrieve imagery from any common image-based tileserver. Platforms such as MapTiler Cloud can bring all its advantages of customizable basemaps directly into After Effects



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