All 50 Adobe Products And What They Do – In 10 Min

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | February 25, 2020


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Tutorial by: Humtog

Working as a motion designer usually involves multiple tools, not just after effects. This tutorial will break down every single Adobe product and it's usages, all in under 10 mins! Become familiar with all of the tools availible to you with an Adobe subscription, which you can get here.

From the instructor:

Adobe makes so many software that it can be quite overwhelming for even a professional to understand what each one is used for. Many people who are new to this have confusing questions regarding similar apps like "what is difference between after effects and premier pro" or "What is the difference between Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and Bridge". So, I made this video to quickly give you an overview of all adobe products as I couldn’t find a similar guide anywhere else, not even in Adobe’s own website. I hope it helps anyone entering the creative fields to get a sense of different apps.




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