Create Simple Tapered Strokes Using Thicc Stroke – Free Plugin

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | July 27, 2020

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Tutorial by: Plugin Everything

This tutorial will show you how to use Thicc Stroke, a free plugin by Plugin Everything. With this plugin, you can create beautiful tapered strokes with ease! Be sure to download the free plugin below and show support to Plugin Everything by subscribing to their youtube channel. If you're looking for something baked into After Effects, Creative Dojo has this amazing tutorial that showcases the smooth strokes now built into After Effects! See the technique below, which does not require any plugin download.

From the instructor:

Thicc Stroke is a free, variable-width stroke plugin, you can make fat A$$ curves and gradient-along-paths with this powerful and infinitely customizable tool for AE CS6 and up! This beginner tutorial will get you set up with using it straight away!

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Tapered Strokes In After Effects



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