How To Create Twisted Typography Animations In After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | March 5, 2020

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Tutorial by: Dope Motions

Dope Motions shows us how to create these amazingly creative typography animations, and provides us with project files!

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From the Instructor:

In this video, we will learn to create Creative Typography Animation in After Effects I would also like to tell you what typography is before diving into the methods and features I’ve used in this tutorial. Well, typography is an art of arranging letters and words in a way by using certain aspects of sizing, shaping, kerning, spacing, etc to make them readable. In motion graphics, however, we have to make the text not only readable but also attractive so that it brings in the attention of the viewers that will eventually help them grab the message the designer is offering through his/her animation. Typographic principles are largely used by brands and businesses to promote their products and services in a very attractive way so that the peers will come along to check and buy them.


Twisted Typography (Version 2) - No Plugins


Tutorial by: Dope Motions

From the instructor:

Hey, everyone in this after effects tutorial we will create a typography background animation in after effects without using any plugins. we will also cover topics like how to make animated typography, typography animation in after effects, background patterns in after effects and more!

Font Used:

Download Project Files



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