Learn How To Draw And Animate Eyes In After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | February 12, 2018

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Tutorial by: Pregardt

Pregardt is fairly new on the scene, so be sure to show him some love! This tutorial breaks down how to animate and draw this character eye animation, all within After Effects! This is a must have watch for those interested in doing more character animation.

From the instructor:

My new tutorial is all about eyes animation, blinks, eyebrows, eyelashes in After Effects. Learn about how to build and animate your character face expression. I explain how I set up my character's eyes for animation. I also explain in details about character animation principals focusing on the eyes, If you liked this video please give a THUMBS UP. If you stopped by the first time please SUBSCRIBE for more content like this. I would like to say thank you all of the SHARES+LIKES+SUBSCRIBERS who supports this channel. It really helps me to create more videos.




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