Animate This Hand Drawn Monster Using Procreate And After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | January 25, 2021


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Tutorial by: LAZERS LAB

Today we feature this extremely underrated tutorial by Lazers Lab, where he demonstrates how to easily animate your sketches out of Procreate. When creating character animations, it's essential that you have a good understanding of multiple programs. Procreate has grown drastically as one of those programs that motion designers are growing to love every day! Be sure to support Lazer Lab on Instagram. As he is always putting out some amazing content! We particularly like this tutorial because there are not many tutotorial artists out there creating content on procreate, which is a very important new tool We also like this tutorial because Lazers is using DUIK, a free rigging plugin that we recommend you try out!

Download Duik Bassel

Follow along with your own character design, transforming from procreate sketch to fully posable After Effects rig! This tutorial uses a bunch of programs and add-ons for maximum efficiency.



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