Create This Looping Character Walk Cycle In After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | December 14, 2020

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Tutorial by: Emanuele Colombo

Character animation could be tricky, so it's important to learn as much techniques as you can before moving on to more complicated implementations. Emanuele does just that, gives us the important techniques to creating this really cool looping character animation, so we can repurpose this effect for our own projects. This is a long, 3 hour tutorial. If you would like to support Emanuele in his efforts, be sure to follow him on instagram and check out his Gumroad account where you can download project files!

Download Project Files

From the instructor:

I have recorded the entire process behind the creation of my last Instagram post. I didn't really plan anything, that means it's basically one hour and a half of trial and error, wrong tests, aha moment and After Effects bugs.




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