Turn Yourself Into A Cartoon Using Adobe Character Animate

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | May 2, 2021


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2 Part Tutorial by: Emmanuel Crown

You never know when you will need to create a cartoon version of yourself or anyone you know, so why not learn how? If you've ever wondered, look no further. Today Emmanuel Crown will show us how to create a cartoon version of yourself using Adobe Character Animate! If you have After Effects then you will also have access to this software, as it is all part of the Creative Cloud bundle. Be sure to check out part two which will go into how to take your cartoon and animate it pretty easily! Thank you Emmanuel for this amazing content!

From the instructor:

In this video, I will show you how you can take a photo of yourself and make it into an adobe character animate custom puppet using photoshop. This puppet can then be used to create an animated cartoon using yourself as the character.

Part 2 - Animating The Character





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