Create A Liquid Donut Using X-Particles In Cinema 4D

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | October 26, 2020

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Tutorial by:  3DBONFIRE

Advanced X-Particle set up's are not easy, but here you will learn how to create amazing liquid renders all within contained 3D objects, like a donut! Be sure to support 3D Bonfire by supporting Patreon below!

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From the instructor:

You love Donuts, right? Show your true passion by creating your very own Donut and fill it with delicious jelly and little candy spheres! Then share it with your loved ones. Here is a more technical list (you like lists, dont you?) of what you will learn: - Get a basic understanding of what FluidFX can do for you. - Fill any object with particle simulations and give them water-like behaviour. - Combine different fluid simulations and get beautiful mixing patterns. - Learn easy stuff and impress your friends by telling them you used Houdini.



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