Create Afro-Textured Hair Styles In Cinema 4D And Octane

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | April 4, 2021

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Tutorial by: New Plastic

The amount of detail in these hair textures will blow your mind. New Plastic is such an amazing instructor, we feel like he needs way more attention. In this tutorial, New Plastic will be going over his Afro-Textured hair pack, perfect for modeling and texturing black hair. Not many people can acheive this realistic looking effect, but New Plastic has mastered it, as well as created an amazing texture pack for you to use within your projects! Be sure to support New Plastic on Instagram and download the texture below!

Download Afro Hair Textures

From the instructor:

In this C4D tutorial we'll finally learn how to achieve realistic afro-textured hair. There's very few resources on how to achieve this type of hair style with C4D's Hair Object, so hopefully this tutorial will serve everyone out there looking for answers after all these years. The first part of the tutorial is a general overview of what you should focus on when trying to achieve this type of hair. The second part will go over some real examples and touch on styling a little bit. Stay tuned for the upcoming tutorials where we'll go over specific styling techniques. Octane is not needed for this tutorial, you can use any rendering engine you want!



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