Create This Glossy Glass Animation Using Cinema 4D And Redshift

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | January 10, 2021


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Tutorial by: The Rook's Nest

Inspired by the MS Office 365 Film below which was created by the studio Tendril, The Rook's Nest shows us how to animate this glossy glass look in Cinema 4D and Redshift! This look is gaining steam in 2021 and seems like one of those animation techniques motion designers everywhere should look out for. As a bonus, we found an amazing glasmorphism effect by non other than Dope Motions, who is always looking out for the latests styles and motion design trends. He teaches us how to create a similar "glass" effect, but solely in after effects. See more below the break.

From the instructor:

Hello again! So in this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to set up this style of lighting and materials in Redshift. It's based on a brand video, created by Tendril, for MS Office 365. Any assets I've used are free to download, I've put the links down below!

Download HDRI Images

Bonus: Glassmorphism Effect In After Effects

Tutorial by: Dope Motions

From the instructor:
Hey everyone in this, after effects tutorial, we will be creating glassmorphism effects inside of after effects without using any plugins Glass morphism is mostly a Ui/Ux trend that has been steadily growing in popularity over the last year. The general idea is to have a background-blur on an object, giving the impression of frosted glass.

Full MS Inspirational Film

MS Office 365 | Brand Film from Tendril on Vimeo.




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