Getting Started With Photogrammetry Using Your Cell Phone

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | May 24, 2021

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Tutorial by: School Of Motion and Patrick Letournea

If you are not the best 3D modeler but would like to still work with robust 3D assets, then this tutorial is for you. Patrick Letournea will show us how to use your phone to capture realistic 3D assets, and pull those assets into Cinema 4D and Redshift! School Of Motion and Patrick have done it again, creating this amazingly detailed tutorial, and providing project files for us to download! Be sure to support Patrick and School Of Motion, and download the project files below!

Download Project Files

Download Capture Reality

From the instructor:

Photogrammetry is a powerful tool for capturing objects in the real world and turning them into gorgeous 3D assets. Now, we’re going to show you how to get started with just your cell phone, laptop, and the shoe off your foot. In this tutorial, freelance artist Patrick Letournea is going to show you how to capture images on your phone and convert them into realistic 3D assets.



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