Model, Texture and Animate This Snake In Cinema 4D

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | March 23, 2021


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Tutorial by: JB MOCEAN

This tutorial is a gem.  Whether you are a beginner at Cinema 4D or more advanced, JB is able to teach how to model, texture, and animate this beautiful, glossy, reflective snake.  He has broken the tutorial down into 4 parts so it's easier for you to digest, but this tutorial is long so be sure you carve out some time! We are really impressed with JB and his work, so be sure to subscribe to his channel for more content!

Download Snake Reference Image

Download Snake Texture

From the instructor:

This C4D tutorial consists of four parts:

In Part 1: We will be modeling our snake from scratch starting from the head.

In Part 2: We will be unwrapping the UV's to give us complete control over how our texture will look on our snake once it is applied. In Part 3: We will be creating a material for our snake and lighting the scene using area lights and reflection boards.

In Part 4: We will be using a Spline Wrap Deformer to animate our snake along a spline.





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