Make Cosplay Look Real Using VFX

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | February 18, 2021


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Created by: Jalex Rosa

If you have yet to hear of Jalex, man are you in for a treat. Fairly new on the scene, Jalex has shown us that you dont need much to create stunning VFX sequences, and he has done just that. Using a combination of his "Mom's clothes", so house hold items and some stunning ingenuity, Jalex walks us through a series of steps he took on creating these amazing visuals using very simple tools. He also calls out his use of ProductionCrate, and all that they do to support VFX artists trying to create new worlds to inspire. Jalex uses a combination of Blender, EBSynth, and After Effects to achieve these stunning results. We are so excited for Jalex and hope he continues to put out content like this that inspires the community. Be sure to support Jalex in all of his efforts by following Jalex on Instagram and Youtube, as he plans to transform himself into 3 more Uchiha clan Members in the next weeks.

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