Create A Super Hero Landing Effect From Scratch Using After Effects

122 views | May 12, 2020

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Tutorial by: Steve Ramsden - Unexplored Films

In this awesome tutorial, Steve Ramsden shows us how to create an amazing Superhero landing effect! This is the smoothest versions of this that I've seen. be sure to check it out!

From the instructor:

Learn how to do a DIY superhero landing effect in Adobe After Effects in our latest tutorial! Watch the final effect here: With everyone stuck at home due to the coronavirus, here's a trick video effect you can try in your garden or just outside your front door - landing like a superhero! This is often seen in films such as Hancock and Marvel's Avengers films with characters such as Iron Man and Thor where a superhero falls from the sky and lands causing some damage and cracking the ground in an epic 'hero' pose! Made using both practical and digital elements (from Footage Crate and Video Copilot's action essentials), and some creative compositing in Adobe After Effects. See the finished effect here: Check out more of our work at 


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