Create Abstract Eye Colors Using After Effects and Contact Lens Kit

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | October 6, 2020

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Tutorial by: Red Giant

Just in time for the season, we bring you a gem from the OGs - Red Giant! This tutorial is jampacked with good information, but these guys have also provided us with a FREE project kit that makes it super easy to change the eye color for your needs. Be sure to download the files below and show some support for Red Giant!

Download Contact Lens Kit

From the instructor:

Halloween is getting closer, and while we don’t have any candy to hand out, we do have a few tricks and a treat, in the form of a new tutorial and an insanely awesome project file from Red Giant’s own Lead Designer, Leo Hageman. Leo has created an easy-to-use project with 100 different eye presets, based on characters from Hollywood movies and TV shows. So in this tutorial, Leo walks you through using our free digital contact lens project file so you can get up and running quickly. NOTE: there are two versions of the project file. One that uses only native effects in Adobe AE CC2019, and an enhanced version that uses VFX Suite and Magic Bullet Suite. We’ll also cover a few other resources: AE Viewer Plugin Unsplash Photography Stan Winston School ActionVFX Stock FX Footage Triune Color: Horror LUTs



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