Learn How To Track 3D Characters In Cinema 4D Using PFTrack

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | June 5, 2018


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Tutorial by: Andrey Lebrov

Andrey has outdone himself with this impressive tutorial that shows us how to track 3D objects in Cinema 4D! This tutorial is somewhat advanced but Andrey does such a great job explaining the process that it falls in the intermediate realm. His tutorials are all very impressive so be sure to show support!

From the instructor:

In this video, I talk about things you should know before and during footage tracking. It is important to be prepared before you even shoot your video. Everything you need to know in order to get the best camera track possible. I also show what is matchmoving and how you can track objects in your video on top of camera track. In this tutorial, I use pfTrack tracking software, but if you're interested how you can track footage in other softwares, here are links to my other tutorials:

Tracking in After Effects: https://youtu.be/VE1qkDhKfLk?t=2m16s




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