Create 4 Trippy Instagram Effects Using After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | August 3, 2021

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Tutorial by: SonduckFilm

As usual, we are blown away by the talent that SonduckFilm puts together. He is at the top of his game, and he seems to never run out of amazing ideas for visuals, so we thank him for sharing the behind the scenes with us. In this tutorial, they bring on a new instructor, Jordan Bertone, who is just as charismatic. Here you will learn how to create trippy, twilight zone animations so you can grab attention on instagram, or use them for backgrounds in music videos or other motion design projects. Be sure to also download SonduckFilms newest pack so you can make it easier to create these cool effects in the future.

Download 100 Visual Elements Pack

From the instructor:

Jordan takes over for a trippy tutorial. In this After Effects tutorial explore 4 trippy motion graphics to producing standout content. Learn how to create creative backgrounds and wacky text.





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