Create A Glossy 3D Metal Intro With Cinema 4D and After Effects

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2 Part Tutorial by: voxyde

From the Instructor:

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--- INFO ---

Complete guide from A to Z covering everything you need to know to create a futuristic Intro with Cinema 4D and After Effects.

We start off by taking a look at the reference image that I've drawn for this project. Having a reference image before actually modeling is crucial. It doesn't have to be an amazing drawing by any means, but just laying out what you want to create on a piece of paper will save you a lot of time in the long run.

 Part 2 continued below the break:

Part 2:

Using different modeling techniques, we start creating our objects in the scene. I'm using different tools such as Knife, Bridge, Bevel to create the geometry. Hope I wasn't going too fast and you can follow along, let me know :)

I cover some basic material creation (absolutely nothing special here, standard cinema 4d materials). Then we set up some lights and an HDRI sky, and finally, animate the camera and we're ready to render.

Before we step inside After Effects, I show you how to use the cinema 4d scene to create different passes ( for the neon lights and volumetric light ) that you can export to After Effects and composite in your final render.

Inside After Effects, we go over a sweet little trick on how you can give your logo some texture, and a nice revealing animation. Also, we create a very basic HUD circle element to add to our geometry.

Finally, some finishing touches, such as Camera Lens Blur and Color Correction, and we're done!

Good luck!


1 - Point Mode

2 - Edge Mode

3 - Polygon Mode

4 - Object Mode

Ctrl + Move/Scale/Rotate - Extrusion

M~Q - Weld

B - Bridge Tool

K - Knife Tool

U,L - Loop Selection

U,P - Split Polygon (detach)

U,F - Fill Selection

--- TOOLS ---

Software : Cinema 4D R16 After Effects CS6

Plug-ins : None

Level : Advanced

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