Create This Amazing 3D Eye Using Cinema 4D and Xparticles

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | May 9, 2021


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Tutorial by: Cedric Fangeat

This brilliant tutorial showcases a nice combination of Cinema 4D and Xparticles to create a beautiful 3D eye animation that is one to behold. Cedric is a very talented 3D animator and explains this complex effect effortlessly. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and check out his instagram!

From the instructor:

A simple setup that can yield some great results. Using Xparticles and Cycles4D to simulate the lighting up of an eyeball as seen on someone else's Instagram - So this is not my idea, but just my take on how to tackle such a render.

As a bonus, be sure to check out our ultimate motion resource guide for a breakdown in xparticles and other complex motion design terms to get you up-to-speed.




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