Create This Circle Repeater Animation Using Trapcode Tao and After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | August 26, 2021


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Tutorial by: Xponentialdesign Tutorials & Video Marketplace

This week we've featured some pretty unique tutorials using different fun plugins. Today, we are featuring this amazing tutorial by Xponential Designs, that shows us how to create this beautiful circular looping animation using Trapcode Tao. If you havent heard of Trapcode Tao, it's another essential tool to add to your workflow, as it allows you to generate 3D Geometry along a path, which can produce some stunning results. Be sure to subscribe to Xponential Designs to get updates on new NFTs and other tutorials!

From the instructor:

Today's tutorial is dedicated to David Whyte aka Bees & Bombs, a visual processing artist who programs very interesting motion loops that I am a total fan of. The kind of animations he produces always me think about how I would go about and set a scene like that using Trapcode TAO. Then as I set those up I constantly figure out and learn new stuff and once it's set up Trapcode TAO makes it easy to thinker around, change values and discover what other variations can come out of initially powerful concepts. And then what happens is that I want to share this process with you. In conclusion getting inspiration from other artists that you like is a great way to expand what you know about art you love. With the proper amount of respect, rather than copying or ripping off, taking ideas from others work into your daily projects can be viewed as an exercise of sharing and opening healthy artistic discussion, a way to push ideas further, together. Of course this has nothing to do with making an identical clone of someone's work and than using that in a commercial project and getting paid without crediting. Because that is pure thievery that should be despised and condemned by all of us.




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