Create This Face Melting Effect Using Photoshop And After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | December 28, 2020


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Tutorial by: Domestika

We are approaching a time where designers are paving the visual future of tomorrow. Look no further than Klarens Malluta, who creates these surreal face melting portraits that are sure to captivate the eye. Klarens breaks down this beautiful technique that he uses for us in the live broadcast from Domestika. Be sure to follow Klarens on instagram, and support his shop on his site with some more amazing content!

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From the instructor:

Klarens uses Photoshop and After Effects to create colorful portraits, combining colors and textures from the 80s with effects reminiscent of a technological future. The artist, who has participated in various exhibitions in Italy, Germany, and the USA, will guide us through his creative process step-by-step.




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