Learn How To Create These Advanced Camera Mapping Effects In C4D

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | September 24, 2018

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Tutorial by: Sean Dove

Sean Dove loves to share his amazing knowledge of C4D and today, he shows us how to properly camera map any effect in 3D space! This is such a cool effect and can be applied in so man different ways!

From the instructor:

Hey guys Sean Dove here. A little while ago I got sent the opening title sequence for a kids show called Figure It Out and I was asked how could we go about recreate their effect. This creative piece was made by the team over at BUCK and as someone who loves playing with perspective I was really excited to try this technique. In the clip we see this skewed text projected onto this underground, carpark style, scene - and with a nice camera swing we start to see the text begin to line up before reaching that final sweet spot where it reads seamlessly. So I thought we'd have a quick look at putting together a scene using simple shapes and then have a play with some camera projections and perspective and see how it turns out! Special thanks to Oliver Santiago for allowing me to use his artwork to demonstrate this technique - make sure you check out his full series, the whole thing is insane.



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