Learn How To Model And Animate A Skate Park Using C4D

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | August 15, 2018


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Mobox is no stranger to AE Tips and Tricks but has brought us so many amazing tutorials! We love this channel because most of the C4D tutorials are focused on new users that are just now learning the basics. Mobox does not disappoint with this new tutorial, where he shows us how to animate and model this Skate Park! Download files are available for those of you willing to contribute to his Patreon page.

Download Project Files

From the instructor:

In this MAXON Cinema 4D motion graphic tutorial we are going to be taking a look at how to model and animate a skateboard, skate park, half pipe, and 360 flip in Cinema 4D. Animating a skateboard in Cinema 4D is quite easy if you keep in mind the animation speed and velocity curves.





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