How To Morph Text and Shapes

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | September 23, 2016


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Tutorial by: School of Motion

From the instructor:

Sponsored by The Department of Motion Design @ Ringling College of Art & Design, the best Motion Design program in the country. Check 'em out!
Ringling is also sponsoring an amazing contest to get your work in front of Ringling faculty, win a free animation lesson, and get tons of eyeballs on you and your work. Find out more here:
Day 9 is heeeeere. This video is all about hand-crafting actual animation. Sometimes you just gotta get in there and WORK those keyframes.

As Motion Designers, it's much easier to try to find the plug-in or "trick" that will make your work look awesome. Sometimes, though, the trick is just hard work, attention-to-detail and some animation knowledge.

This video is full of little animation tips. Don't be afraid of a little manual labor people! The computer can't do it all for you.

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Thank you guys, make sure to check out the rest of the 30 Days of After Effects tutorials:

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