3 Amazing Loki VFX Tutorials In After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | July 27, 2021


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Tutorials by: Ben Marriott Production Crate and Ignace Aleya

By now so many people have watched Marvel's new show Loki, and it has spawned so many great tutorials as of late. If you havent seen the show, it is quite the visual feast, with tons of cool effects throughout. We were so overwhelmed with all of the great content, that we thought it would be best to take the top 3 Loki tutorials out there and put them all on one page. All of these tutorials artists are at the top of their game, so be sure to subscribe and follow them for more amazing content!

From the instructor:

This is an in-depth animation tutorial on how to achieve the opening sequence from Marvel studio's recent show - Loki. The method is all procedural, watch till the very end to find out how to create this look all in After Effects.

Download Project File


Create This Disintegration "Pruning" Effect From Loki

Tutorial by: ProductionCrate

In this second tutorial Production Crate shows us how to create the pruning effect in After Effects, plus they have provided a template you can download to recreate this experience yourself!

Create The Teleportation and Glitch Effect from Loki

Tutorial by: Ignace Aleya

From the instructor:
In this video we’ll be teasing Nzoye with an advanced piece of equipment, we’ll be teleporting to stay out of trouble and we’ll be transforming ourselves as the real spies we are. That and more in this video as we’ll be looking at three epic visual effects from the Marvel series Loki. We’ll be using Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D to help us achieve these epic effects.




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