5 Simple VFX Using A Green Screen Suit And After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | February 28, 2021


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Tutorial by: Studio 2 Magic

You may already have the After Effects or VFX knowledge, but you still need some practical effects to go along with it. In this tutorial Studio 2 Magic shows us how to create 5 stunning VFX shots using a simple green screen suit you can get from Amazon. Link below to download the green screen suit.

Download Green Screen Suit

From the instructor:

Should you buy a GREEN SCREEN SUIT? In this video, we show you some VFX that can be done with a chroma key suit and some of the advantages over just using layer masks. Some VFX are much easier to do using green garments or even a full suit. We look at several effects that can be done, and most of them can be expanded upon or adapted to create some truly awesome green screen suit VFX!




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