Create This 3D Hatch Animation Using C4D, Element 3D, and After Effects

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | October 10, 2018


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Tutorial by: Knife FilmP

This tutorial has it all - you don't get much more thorough than this. It's over an hour, but from start to finish you'll learn how to create this rotating hatch effect which covers a lot of ground. From modeling in C4D to compositing in After Effects, you'll even learn some Element 3D techniques in the mix. If you run out of steam, be sure to tap the save for later button to come back when you've rejuvenated. Enjoy!

From the instructor:

Complete tutorial on how to create the opening shot from our KNIFE Teaser.

Learn how to:
- model the parts in Cinema 4D
- import, texture and animate them inside After Effects with Element 3D and Pro Shaders
- make your life easier with simple expressions
- light the scene
- create atmosphere with Trapcode Particular and Action Essentials II
- use Trapcode Shine to create a volumetric light effect
- grade and degrade the picture for a more organic look
- add chromatic aberration effects as a final touch

This is the original teaser:
and this is the breakdown:




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