Create This Amazing Glowing Tattoo Effect Using Mocha And The Puppet Tool

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | April 23, 2018


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Tutorial by: Mocha from Boris FX

Wow! This tutorial is a beautiful old gem that teaches us some amazing mocha tracking effects that can be done quickly. As seen from the preview above, Jason Hearne shows us how to create this amazing tatoo write on effect from the show Skin Wars!

From the instructor:

Jason Hearne from the Game Show Network shows a technique that combines the power of mocha's planar tracker with the mesh warping capabilities of After Effect's puppet tool.

This advanced technique adds a stationary texture to a moving person and captures secondary soft tissue motion with a set of multi-planar tracks. Jason and the GSN team improved upon a technique from a previous mocha tutorial to create a complex transition from bare chest to painted skin in a short amount of time.

This technique can be seen on the promo for Skin Wars, a popular GSN program.

To learn more about mocha, go to:




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