Create This Drawing Effect Like Aha’s “Take On Me”

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | August 23, 2021


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Tutorial by: Red Giant

With new tools we are now able to re-create classic music videos with a few simple steps. Aha's iconic music video "Take On Me", was created using rotoscoping and manual techniques. In this tutorial, you will learn how to emulate this effect using Trapcode and some simple effects, no rotoscoping required! Even better, Red Giant and Hashi has created an awesome template you can download to play with this effect yourself.

Download Project Files

From the instructor:

This VFX Side Quest is a blast from the past as Hashi converts regular videos into the iconic sketchy hand-drawn styling of a-Ha‘s iconic “Take on Me” music video! If you’re drawn to this sort of thing, download the free After Effects template and pencil us in for a fun afternoon of sketch-ifying. The template works with After Effects, and is enhanced even further with some Trapcode Form, Primatte, and the brand new Universe Texturize Motion.




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