Tutorial By: RobotUnderdog2

This one is intense! RobotUnderdog brings us a fantastic tutorial, breaking down this epic forcefield aura effect, like the one seen in Dragon Ball Z! We’ve all seen it, and now we have a free tutorial on how to do it ourselves! Be sure to check out some of RobotUnderdog’s other work.


From the instructor:

DOWNLOAD MY VIDEO & ASSETS The most realistic approach to the DBZ Super Saiyan aura effect inspired by the beach scene with Trunks attempting to power up in Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. These effects are done using After Effects as well as the following plugins, and assets: Heat Distortion, Camera Shake, Action Essentials, and Krakatoa particles. Have fun creating, and please feel free to share your versions of this effect with us, and let us know what you’d like to see us do tutorials on next!

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