Create This Super Hero Force Blast

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | March 30, 2018

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Tutorial by: RobotUnderdog2

RobotUnderdog shows us how to create this smooth energy effect for beginners! He has a great teaching style and breaks down the essence of this effect from start to finish. Be sure to download the project files to follow along!

Download Project Files

 From the instructor:
Hey guys! Here is a ki blast effect that hopefully everyone can do (even beginners) with awesome results. In this tutorial we use nearly the exact same techniques used when we created the ki blasts in Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope, but modified them a little so that they are a bit more approachable for those of you who are new to VFX. Have fun creating, and please feel free to share your versions of this effect with us, and let us know what you'd like to see us do tutorials on next!



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