Force Push: Star Wars VFX Academy

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | July 27, 2016


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Tutorial by: Creatrix # Visuals
Hey what is up guys, Chris Connor here and welcome to the second after effects star wars tutorial of the long awaited Star Wars VFX Academy. Continuing things off with a very cool effect I came up with...the Force Push! This Star Wars After Effects Project means a lot to me cause I put many hours in it and it has being a long time coming so fire up After effects and lets get started with an amazing series of star wars visual effects tutorials!

Make sure to tune in for the next one (levitation, lightsaber, force push, force lightning, force deflect, sith eyes and more)




Equipment used:

- Canon 70D (no magic lantern use)
- 50mm 1.8 STM
- After Effects CC

- Black screen
- Limo Studios starter light kit (amazon)




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