Learn How To Add 3D Holograms Using Element 3D

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | November 13, 2018

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Tutorial by: Max Novak

Max is an amazing instructor and has been doing tutorial breakdowns like this for quite some time, but this tutorial really caught our eye. Here, Max shows us how to use Element 3D and After Effects to create this awesome 3D hologram effect. He also shows us how to track these 3D elements in After Effects to really help sell this effect. Be sure to show Max some support!


From the instructor:

Thanks for watching guys, today I'm showing you a tutorial in after effects using the element 3d plugin from video co pilot. I'll show you how I find and add 3d objects into after effects. Then I'll show you the process I use to create a cool hologram 3d effect. Thanks for watching!




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