Learn How To Create A Cinematic Zoom Transition

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Tutorial by: Avnish Parker

Avnish is back again with another super useful tutorial! This time he breaks down how to seamlessly transition between ANY footage, a skill we could all use!

From the instructor:

Hey, Everyone. This tutorial is a bit different from my previous Tutorial. This time we are working on Video editing, and creating a Most famous Transition in films, This Tutorial is inspired by Sam Kolder, and we are creating, Sam Kolder Zoom Transition in After Effects. Just a few steps, and make your boring videos to a Stunning one. As always, this tutorial is Free, and we are not using any third party plugin for creating this. Every single Tutorial on my channel is made with Love and Hard work, So don't forget to leave a Like.. :) ------------------------------------------------- Download Whoosh Sound Effects: https://goo.gl/sGWYvB Video Clips: https://goo.gl/sqaPQg ------------------------------------------------- Join me on social networks. Twitter: https://goo.gl/EU9EcF YouTube Channel: https://goo.gl/1kzZ8K Facebook: https://goo.gl/ZOaQUp My Official Website: https://goo.gl/epw1Ax Support Me on Patreon: https://goo.gl/iSTaoU

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