Learn How To Create Harry Potter Spells Using After Effects

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Tutorial by: CHRIS CONNOR

Wow. this is another one for the books. Chris Connor, AKA Creatrix Visuals, brings us another amazing tutorial, showing us how to create Harry Potter spell effects from scratch. There is some really interesting techniques used here, and we really appreciate Chris and his awesome work! Be sure to show your support by subscribing to his content!

From the Instructor:

Achieving an advanced harry potter spell vfx in after effects requires the proper way of balancing multiple effects using light painting, feathering and masking techniques. The harry potter magic spell effect is especially interesting as it requires a different take that the one showed on the scifi weapons shockwave vfx tutorial. I will be using Adobe After effects CC for the magic spell VFX tutorial and while most of the effects are build in I will also show you a more advanced heat distortion effect in after effects using a third party plug in. For business inquiries and to view my portfolio please visit Creatrix Visuals at: www.creatrix-visuals.com


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