Learn How To Re-Create The Black Panther End Title Sequence

Avatar AE Tips And Tricks | June 18, 2018


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Tutorial by: Red Giant

Now this is one worth watching! Red Giant has released another amazing tutorial, this time breaking down the end credits of Black Panther! If you have yet to see the film's end credits, you can watch it in its entirety below. The tutorial is quite long so we've started it at the 6 minute mark, but If you have some time, we highly recommend watching the whole thing! Red Giant was also able to bring the guys over at Perception who are doing some amazing things in the VFX world.

From the instructor:

Learn how to recreate the look of the amazing end credit sequence from Marvel Studios: Black Panther. For beginners, start with our No Plugins approach and template. Want more? Learn about Trapcode Form's OBJ Model settings, and learn to create sand sculptures in true 3D space. We'll also chat with Perception Studios, who created the look of Wakanda's technology, including Black Panther's amazing intro and credit sequences.




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